Dumitru Becșenescu

President of the Natural Gas for Vehicles Association – NGVA Romania, General Director of Denisson Energy

Dumitru Becșenescu – General Director of Denisson Energy and President of the Natural Gas for Vehicles Association – NGVA Romania is a Romanian businessman, who leads in the present a group of 10 companies.
Upon graduating the Naval Academy of Constanta in 1988 and activating as a marine officer for Romanian Shipping Company Navrom, Dumitru went on to set the foundations of Antares Group in 1994.
The Group today is as diverse as ever, having a portfolio comprised of 10 companies with activities focused around road transportation, real estate, tourism, auto servicing, oil & gas and more recently natural gas for vehicles.
November 2015 marked the launching of the first public CNG filling station in Romania under the brand of Antares Natural Gas.
Inspired by global trends and the need to mitigate the environmental imprint of the transportation industry, one year later he embarked on a journey to develop Romania’s first CNG network of 9 public filling stations along the TEN-T road core-network corridors, through the company Denisson Energy.
The project is part of the Connecting Europe Facility program and is co-financed by the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency of the European Commission (INEA).
Dumitru is highly confident when it comes to the prospects of the natural gas industry, and wants to add 2 CNG and one LNG filling stations to his portfolio in Romania in the near future.

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